All rules shall conform to FIFA Laws of the Game unless otherwise modified below. These rules are to be used as a guide. Referees and Supervisors may enforce to better the program or keep participants safe. 


The mission of EPYSA is to provide the youth of the I-70 Corridor in Eastern Colorado with the opportunity and training for learning the game of soccer through the development of individual skills, teamwork, and fair play.


  1. Field of Play: (approximate). 6U - 20x30yds, 9U, 12U, 15U - 40x60yds


  1. The Ball: 6U will use a size 3 ball, 9U & 12U will use a size 4 ball. 15U will use a size 5 ball. 


  1. Number of Players: This is a coed league. 
  • 6U plays 5v5 with no goalkeeper – no score or standings kept. 
  • 9U play 6v6 with a goalkeeper (6 on the field and a goalie) 
  • 12U plays 6v6 with a goalkeeper (6 on the field and a goalie). 
  • 15U plays 6v6 with a goalkeeper (6 on the field and a goalie). 
  • In 6U and 9U substitutions are unlimited and can occur at any stoppage with the referee’s permission. 
  • In 12U and 15U substitutions can only occur when the player’s team has a throw-in or the opponent is also subbing. 
  • Goalies may only be substituted at half
  • Strongly recommend that players play in their age group or play up by one year only. 
  • Equal playing time is required for all players.* (*assuming all coach requirements met) 


  1. Player Equipment:
  • Shin guards are required. 
  • Soccer cleats are required for the 9U division and up
  • Casts are permitted on a case-by-case basis (Must be approved by Program Specialist). 
  • No jewelry or watches. 
  • EPYSA jersey required


  1. Duration of Game: 
  • 6U games will consist of 4 – 8 minute quarters. 
  • 9U games will consist of 2 20 minute halves.  
  • 12U  games will consist of 2 25 minute halves. 
  • 15U games will consist of 2 30 min halves. 
  • One minute between quarters, five-minute halftime for all games. 


  1. Standings: Standings will be kept for the 9U, 12U, and 15U divisions. 

Tiebreaker: Individual Games may end in a tie. If two teams are tied at the end of the season, the tiebreaker will be Goals Scored. If Goals Scored is the same, the tiebreaker will be Goals Against. If Goals Against is the same, the tiebreaker will be H2H records.  If the H2H record is the same, the tiebreaker will be a Shootout. If the 5 vs 5 shootout ends in a tie, teams will continue adding a player until the tie is broken. All players on a team must kick before a player kicks in the shootout for a second time.


  1. Forfeits: In the event a team has fewer than the required players, that team forfeits and the two teams shall form teams of an equal number and play a game. 


  1. The Start of Play: By kick-off from the center of the field. Opponents must remain outside of the center circle on their half of the field until the ball is kicked. Once the ball is kicked, it must be touched by someone other than the kicker before it can be played again by the kicker. You MAY score directly from the kick-off in 6U. 


  1. Ball In and Out of Play: 
  • The ball is out of play when the entire ball crosses the line. This can be on the ground or in the air. 
  • Restart with a kick-in on the line or one yard outside the line from where the ball went out. 
  • Throw-ins will be used. Feet planted, hands overhead. Incorrect throw results in a turnover of possession. 4U & 6U may use kick-ins or throw-ins. 
  • Goal Kick: Restart with a goal kick if the ball goes out over the goal line by the attacking team. The ball may be placed anywhere within the goal area. All players must be outside of the penalty area (teammates may be inside and receive the ball inside the penalty area if they wish).  
  • Corner Kick: Restart when the defensive team is the last to touch the ball, when the ball fully travels over the goal line, in their defensive end of the field. The corner kick is taken from the corner of the touchline and the goal line. Opponents must remain 8 yards from the ball until the ball is in play. 


  1. Offside: 
  • Will be enforced in 12U and 15U; all other levels will not have offside. 
  • A player is considered offside if he/she is nearer to the opponent’s goal at the time a teammate plays the ball forward and is actively involved in the play. The exception is if two or more opponents are closer to the goal. 


  1. Fouls and Misconduct: Fouls and misconduct include tripping, kicking, pushing, charging, holding, spitting, punching, or player deliberately handling the ball. All fouls shall result in a Free Kick. The referee will explain infringements to the offending player as needed. Yellow and red cards are not used, however, referees may still warn, to include requiring a substitution, or eject players and coaches if deemed necessary. 


  1. Cautions & Ejections: As stated under Fouls & Misconduct, Referees will not use yellow or red cards in our leagues. However, referees and staff do have the permission to verbally caution and/or eject players, coaches, or spectators, including asking players to be substituted for a “cool down” period if deemed necessary. If a coach or spectator is ejected, the player(s) associated with that person will also be asked to leave the facility. 


  1. Heading and Sliding: 
  • NO HEADING is allowed in the league
  • NO SLIDING is allowed in the league


  1. Free Kicks: 
  • The kick is taken where the foul was committed. 
  • All opposing players must be 8 yards away until the ball is kicked. 


  1. Penalty Kicks: 
  • A penalty kick will be awarded when direct free kick fouls are committed inside the penalty area. 
  • A penalty kick will be taken from the penalty spot. 
  • The only people allowed in the penalty area are the kicker and goalkeeper. 
  • All players must be outside the penalty area, including the penalty arc. 
  • The goalkeeper must have at least one foot on the goal line when the ball is kicked. 
  • Indirect penalty kicks may occur in other penalty instances. 


  1. 6U – No Goalkeepers: Coaches should remind 4U and 6U players that there are no goalkeepers and defenders should be encouraged not to stand within the goal area. Players may move through the goal area to play the ball. 


  1. Parent & Coach Locations: 
  • Parents and teams will be on opposite sides of the field. Parents must remain on the sideline between the two penalty areas. Parents are not allowed behind the goals. 
  • Coaches must remain in their designated bench areas as defined by the referees (generally from the half-line to the top of the penalty area). Coaches may leave this area/enter the field only with the permission of the referee. 


  • Protests are not allowed in our Youth Sports Program. 
  • Any concerns should be brought to the attention of an EPYSA Board Member in an adult-like manner